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Azusa ends up being alone with either of the four girls and they basically get horny. You first get the no choice of going to first Mugi after school and then you guys have some fun, surprisingly Mugi’s the one with all the special toys. After getting through with Mugi you get the choice of replaying that scene or going onto Ritsu. So with Ritsu it turns out she happened to take a picture of Azusa while she was masturbating at school, and at first Azusa doesn’t care but finds out Ritsu also has Mio’s mastrubating pics (seriously whaat?) so Azusa agrees to do what Ritsu does to get Mio’s pictures and return them to Mio.

After their little spectacle, turns out Ritsu was recording the whole thing but tells Azusa not to fret since it’s for her own private collectoion. Next you can go after Yui, and then some other stuff there. Then finally you can go after Mio! Difference is that instead of everyone topping Azusa, Azusa tops Mio. Well then basically after getting it on with Mio, you then get another ecchi scene with all four girls. Not all of them together, but like a different ecchi scene of Mugi x Azusa and so forth.

Tittle: Houkago, Azu-nyan
Creator: Atelier-G
Release Date: C76
Other Info: K-ON! Yuri Doujin Game


Part 1 : Houkago Azunyan.part1.rar
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Part 2 : Houkago Azunyan.part2.rar
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Part 3 : Houkago Azunyan.part3.rar
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