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a certain famous Shingakuko IMG2, was (Kazuma Hayakawa) Kazuma Hayakawa hero leaves the home, come back to his hometown to machine a famous college in the home.
Hero spent his youth and boys do not mind delegating ~Tsu woman, had I dreamed of campus life "... carefree living alone with a girl then."

However, not sweet enough to allow parents in the neighborhood of my parents living alone.
Allowance is cut significantly. Therefore, the main character begins to tutor part-time job of taking advantage of my ability.

Was supposed to be in charge, cute girls of four people.
Space of only two with a girl.
For the hero I was thinking seriously "~ I want to be a little girl and Lovers" is paradise.
Only here and in each, Takeshi was going to attack by various means.

The latest "girl series" following the "girl" fine girl "niece"!
Third world title issue presented is soft raccoon, ADV romance hero became the tutor of the "girl" of four people, detonate-held feelings for the "girl".
Hero who has a propensity Wakimae common sense while metamorphosis is we're going to deepen their friendship by suppressing the desire, you can look at the study of the heroines, ride a consultation. Of course, ♪ by incorporating a bit of mischief
Get when you hear about the relationship between propensity to accept, the first time that the transformation of the hero is sure to escalate once ~Tsu and?

Characteristic with the heroine, will be to build a relationship by a different approach to each field we draw Mr. Hara stem.
Sometimes as father, teacher and student in relation to, M and S, and even brother and sister sometimes ... sometimes.
Etch transformation from bare dark, he is told to a wide range of episode heartwarming story.

In the room "girl", in some realistic situations. That's why a sense of drifting Eros and immorality.
Fellowship with the "girl" is a mix of love, and go beautifully spun, curiosity and lust -

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