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Hero, Kazuya Takase junior year to attend a local school.
Talk about academic excellence but also come to the college recommendation, he had turned down all the story.

The reason for my dreams.
Kazuya thought to have 叶Etai had a dream.

But to deny the dance sister and Kazuya impractical dream.
One word to Kazuya One takes such heavy pressure
Who's right and really bother trying to walk in the door now.
Celebrating the end of November, I still approached the graduation Gamaji
Kazuya do not appear in the answer to my dreams.
Leave yourself believe this either way 歩Mubeki.
As word of his sister or whether the idea 改Merubeki.
The answer remains 出Nu, time is also uncertainty continues to flow without stopping.
During such, Kazuya was going he met with various people.

Representation : Romance
Release Date : December 19, 2003

OS : Windows/98/2000/Me/XP

Sumber Info : getchu


Part 1 : [Witch] katayokunoteshi (ccd).part1.rar

Part 2 : [Witch] katayokunoteshi (ccd).part2.rar

Password : naruthewitch

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