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Oreimo Plus
Become Kirino's boyfriend in this ecchi love sim parody work from doujin soft circle Grand Cross! With art that's so close to the anime you'd think it was straight from it, enjoy animated "H" scenes with Kirino and the other Oreimo girls as you play through the super sexy scenario that includes cosplay sex, outdoor sex, footplay, school uniform sex, and much more.

<<System Requirements>>
OS: Japanese version Windows2000/XP/Vista/7 (64bit version will only work on Vista / 7)
CPU: Over Mandatory Intel Pentium4 1.3GHz (or higher recommended Pentium4 2GHz)
Memory: Required at least 512MB, or higher recommended 768MB (Vista / 7 is required more than 768MB, or more recommended 1GB)
Graphics: 16bit color or higher required minimum resolution of 800x600 (32bit color recommended)
Sound: DirectSound compatible sound PCM
Other: DVD-ROM drive
: DirectX8.0a later must be installed
In addition to the above conditions ※, you will need to meet the system requirements that support the OS.

 japan title : 俺妹プラス
romaji : Oreimo plus
release : 31/12/2010
production : Grand Cross

Info : KaoriNusantara , Grand Cross


Part 1 : oreplus.part1.rar
95 MB

Part 2 : oreplus.part2.rar
95 MB

Part 3 : oreplus.part3.rar
95 MB

Part 4 : oreplus.part4.rar
95 MB

Part 5 : oreplus.part5.rar

Password : oreimoplus

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